Thursday, May 12, 2011

Race Of Life Just Begin..

,after spending almost 4 years 5 month in arau..finally..The Rock have come back,,HOME..(particularly not at home yet,,but soon to see my parents,,siblings..n cekgu munah,,(tggu ustaz taw.. n_n )

,a tonne of work have been done,,and i think this is the end of work of student,,but i realize that it will never end if we want to survive in future,,finishing the dip and bachelor it just a platform for me to start my own life,,finding a job,,a better financial,,married.. =P and all those thing that must be done,,with great power,comes big responsibility,,(byk gler plagiarism,,hahaha.. )

,wish all spectacular of success in future,,(wish me back ok..!!)

,mood ; excited to go HOME..